#230: The Curious Case of the Twice Pastor

Every Sunday for the past who-knows-how-many years
I come up to the foyer of Summer Street Church
and see this stained glass name:

How cool a name is that?
What made him a twice pastor?
So, I did some research. 
“That the life work of Alden Bradford Whipple has been a 
beneficence to his fellowman, his three score years’ active
and successful career as an educator sufficiently attest.
Conjunctively…with this work, he has given more than 10 years
faithful service in the Baptist Ministry…”
He graduated from Williams College in 1852.
He worked in various schools in Pittsfield 
until accepting the principalship
of Nantucket High School, 
where he remained for 2 1/2 years, 
somewhere in there he was ordained a Baptist minister.
He married Mary Robbins, 21, of Pittsfield in August of 1857.
They moved to NY where he purchased a
Female Seminary at Lansingburg, NY., 
Could he have taught at Troy Female Seminary, founded by Emma Willard,
America’s first women’s college,
from which Elizabeth Cady Stanton graduated?
Regardless, our Pastor Whipple cared about educating women.
He also served during this time at Spencertown Academy,
founded by Rev. Woodbridge, grandson of Jonathan Edwards.
He travelled quite a bit–to Africa, Asia and Europe,
where he heard Charles Spurgeon preach,
writing newspaper articles on his return.
You can read his thoughts on Europe here, starting on page 56.
He ran the seminary from 1858-1875 then returned to Nantucket.
Hence, twice pastor.
Not for long tho’, he returned to Pittsfield in 1879,
where he continued to teach and preach until his death in 1910.
Now, would someone please explain 
why this window’s Omega is upside down?
Not everything is googleable.

2 responses

  1. upside down horseshoe so the luck won't run out.

  2. I love history – especially related to New England – thank you for sharing – and – yes, beautiful although upside down!

    Enjoy the day –
    beachside cottage

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