#221: Dead Horse Valley

I’m guessing this is where they buried the horses 
in the old days. 
Now it’s the premier winter sledding hill:
Waiting for the snow.
From the bench you can see why
local runners use it to practice their hills.
A whimsical heart, courtesy of whoever mows the grass.
Last spring I was at the dump and a lady called
to ask about bringing out her horse
which had died.
The person said sure but…
it had to be cut up into three pieces.
Oh, my.

2 responses

  1. Lotta deer back there.

  2. Love these pictures! There's a restaurant where we go in Florida (and I can't think of its name) that also does his summer business on Nantucket, then comes back to Florida for their season, which will begin fairly soon. Great place. He says he's totally slammed during Nantucket's season.

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