#213: Tropical Storm Irene: What all the wusses missed

We were ready:
Trucks protecting the Stop and Shop windows

 Sandbags at Cheryl Fudge dress shop, down by the harbor
Shops boarded up on Main Street
Not goin’ anywhere…
 Warnings at Surfside–all the locals go to the surf beaches
to watch the waves…
Of course, it’s not safe, but it’s real.
That’s what all those who scurried off the island missed.

The sand was blasting–it felt like being stuck with pins,
we had to turn around to protect our eyes,
sometimes real hurts!
This is as close as I could get to Brant Point,
the Coast Guard blocked access because the glass had
broken in their signal tower and it was blowing around.

God moves in a mysterious way;
His wonders to perform
He plants His footsteps in the sea
And rides upon the storm.

4 responses

  1. Hype Hype Hype.
    So from now on, is the shameful media going to hype every little wind event we get from now on? Pathetic.

  2. it was just like earl….such a dissapointment

  3. I just spelled disappointment way wrong….sorry

  4. Love all your posts and glad you're fine and got great photos

    Happy Labor Day Weekend!

    From a former New Englander now in South Florida!

    beachside cottage

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