#203: Is it food?

Some aisles of the Stop and Shop,
I don’t even go down.
Not veggies because we grow our own,
and not this:
Because it isn’t actually food.
Fruit doesn’t grow like this:
Nor does it come in barrels:
Give me a homegrown tomato anyday.
My kids’ll take real food in their lunchboxes, 
and (big) hugs from mom.

One response

  1. I see civilians pushing overflowing carts at the Stop And Empty Your Wallet every time I'm in there. The total bill for the items in the cart is usually around $600. And there is not one item of food in the cart. All sugar and junk. And we wonder why everyone is morbidly obese. If anything man has made or is wrapped in a package, it is not food.

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