#201: Sermon Haiku 11: Exodus 3

This week we had Rumen Borimetchkov,
 a missionary from Bulgaria, as a guest preacher,
he spoke on The Call of Moses:
Missionary, me?
Can I hear the voice of God?
What’s wrong with my ears?

Moses turns to see
A bush on fire, not consumed
Fire that doesn’t burn

God calls from the bush
“Moses! Take off your sandals
This is Holy ground”
“My people suffer
I’ve heard their cry and come down
Moses, you must go.”
No way, who am I?
I’m just a lowly shepherd
I cannot do it
“You can and you will”
I don’t even know your name!
“I Am Who I Am.”
They might not listen
“Turn your staff into a snake”
OK, now I’m freaked.
“Who gave you your mouth?
Words to speak, and My Presence?
What else do you need?”
Rest of the story:
Moses finally obeys
Israel goes free
Am I listening?
There’s nothing wrong my ears,
will I heed His voice?

One response

  1. Thanks for the help. Is that not the sermon in a nutshell or what? Good job. Love the “Now I'm freaked.” Thank you for your wonderful mind and gifts. Love yehs. Elle.

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