#188: Apples and Hazelnuts

When we first bought this 2 and a 1/2 acres
it was a wilderness of Scotch Pine and Scrub Oak.
But right next to where we put the driveway,
there was an apple tree:
This scrawny, multi-stemmed, choked out tree 
finally produced an apple four years ago.
That apple got eaten by a deer.
This spring I pruned the tree way back
and was rewarded with four apples. 
We’re hoping the deer aren’t tall enough to reach them…
We just discovered another surprise next to our driveway:
A hazelnut bush!
Peeking out from a thicket of invasive roses
and porcelain berry vines.  
 I have high hopes for a harvest this fall. 
I’ve seen hazelnuts, both American and Beaked 
growing wild all over the island. 
the apple tree tho’ must have been planted.
I wonder by whom, and when…
And what does Jesus have to teach me 
from these two plants?
An apple tree long fruitless begins to produce
 when severely pruned.
What needs to be lopped off  in my life 
to make me fruitful for the Kingdom?
An unsuspected hazelnut grows along the driveway
passed-by a dozen times a day yet unseen.
What other glories am I missing in my busyness?

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