#180: Sermon Haiku #8- Matthew 4

A voice from heaven
This is my Son, whom I love
The Spirit alights
Through bone-dry wadis
Jesus, led by the Spirit
Fasted forty days
“It’s God’s gift so go for it”
Don’t fall for the lie
Satan says, “Make bread.”
Jesus answers, “It is written”
Score one for Jesus.
Attention grabber
Look at me! Temple jumper!
Angels will catch You.
Everyone will see
Instant glory, just not God’s
“Do not test the LORD”
That’s two for Jesus
Satan tried, “All the kingdoms”
Fall down, worship me
“No way, evil one,
It is written, Worship God”
Get away from Me.
Jesus’ path was clear
Holding tight to His Father
Solid in the Word.
Be willing to wait
A rested, poised harpooner
Set for the battle.


One response

  1. If you click on 'harpooner' then go to page 24, you get the whole story.

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