#155: Three Sisters Garden

I’m trying to grow a Three Sisters Garden this year. Planting codfish racks under the corn hills caused a slight problem. One of the chickens escaped and dug up all the hills to get at the fly larvae. Phooey:

Two of the seven stalks (out of 52!) that survived Sadie’s scratching.

 So I replanted, this time under coffee sacks,
can you see the stalk peeking through next to the ‘A’?
Here it is, closer:

Another tiny cornstalk:

Only I’m thinkin’ the Native Americans didn’t protect their plants with 
coffee sacks from Mexico and Ethiopia.
If you need coffee sacks for mulching,
 call Nantucket Coffee Roasters, 
they have plenty.
Plus, you can give your kids a geography lesson while laying out the sacks.
Note: when I checked under the sacks half my seedlings were growing sideways 
so I had to take the sacks off-carefully-and use them in the walkways.

One response

  1. I've never heard of using coffe sacks for mulching. Seedlings can really poke up through those? Hmmm….

    Tammy ~@~

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