#151: Sermon Haiku #4- Jeremiah 2

This week’s sermon was on Jeremiah 2:9-13. God’s charge against His people for forsaking Him, the Living Water, and worshipping false gods. As in:

The choices I make
I’ll do whatever I please
Am I happy now?
Forsaking your God,
Who redeemed your ancestors
What were you thinking?
Making your own gods
Cracked cisterns without water
a poor substitute
Nantucket water
Pristine, icy cold and pure
Why bottled water?
“We believe that we can manufacture the solutions that will fill our deepest needs.”
Direct quote. That’s part of the reason I love to wander out in God’s creation.
 It helps me get focused back on Jesus. Anyway:
Come to the waters
Let those who are thirsty come
Never thirst again.
Come to Me and eat
You will delight in fatness
Totally fulfilled.

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