#143: Sermon Haiku #3- Isaiah 51

Looks like this is going to be a regular Monday feature. Pastor Rich is working his way through the E100 Challenge. We are currently in the book of Isaiah. As he talks, I write Haiku. You’d think it’d be distracting but actually, it keeps me focused. I think the constant finger counting bothers people around me tho’. I’ll have to be more discreet. This week:

Rejection leads to-
Resent then retaliate
Overt or covert
How can we be free?
Turn to the Rock you came from
Look! The Lamb of God.
He took up our cause
Suffering for His people
We are the black sheep
A costly free gift
Through His bruises we are healed
Payment accepted
God calls to His own
I am not yet done with you
Live now in the light
Following Jesus
Who did not retaliate
Go, serve in His strength

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