#131: Broody Hens

We have a mixed flock of hens. Two dozen mostly Americana, a Brahma, a leftover Rhode Island Red, a few Salmon Faverolles. One of our Salmons, Sadie, has gone broody. Broody hens are a pain in the…collecting hand, as they peck. She is entirely unwilling to Give Up Any Eggs.

 Here she is, guarding:
She was sitting on seventeen eggs this morning.
 Then frantically tucking them back under her wings
 as I pushed her aside to gather.
The sad part is, as we don’t have a rooster, the eggs would never hatch.
How many projects am I sitting on which will,
 as it were, never hatch.
It’s time to quit pecking the hand of God
 (which hurts Him probably as much as Sadie hurts me)
and tucking things back under my wings.

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