Codfish Fertilizer

My husband has a fish market. Every spring gardeners come by to ask for fish racks (what’s left after fillets are removed) for their gardens. Excellent long-term fertilizer. He’s always glad to give them out. This year I asked for some as I’m putting in a Three Sisters Garden. It’s a traditional Indian garden of corn, beans and squash planted together. Squanto taught the Pilgrims to plant a fish head under each hill. Like this:

Bucket of codfish racks–one rack per hole:

Place in hole using non-Indian tongs.
There ya go.
Cover up the fish and plant four seeds of corn in each hill–
one to each of the compass directions.
Water the whole shebang and wait. God does things in His time,
not mine. When the corn is up, I can plant the beans, then the squash.

One response

  1. the one of the fish in the hole, looks like a baby fish in the egg- dust to dust, the fish returning to the earth

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