#111: Middle-age

Not as wondrous as childhood. Not as sparkly as youth. Not yet wise nor rich. But solid. Solid with David–rough times and smooth, we know we’ll work it out. Solid with Jesus–He has shown lovingkindness no matter how badly I stumble. Solid with my kids and friends–not always quiet mind you, but solid. A bit too set in my ways so every once in a while I shake things up. Last week, while in America, my daughter took these pictures:

A wee bit scared…
Just a pinch–ha!
And sparkle!
My girls noticed right away, David not so much. Now it’s a new family wink.
Mom got her ears pierced and Dad had to have it pointed out to him. 
Payback for all those times I didn’t notice his haircut. 
Solid still sparkles.

2 responses

  1. Now I know what you look like!!

  2. Thanks Martie, I'm not usually in any of the family pictures as I'm the one taking them. Say hi when you see me out wandering…

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