#109: The Dark Side of Bamboo

It’s a grass–I spent an hour yesterday digging up little bits of bamboo from the flower beds:

This was a case where we should have been more cautious about a generous gift. The island is basically a sand pile, compost is precious, so when a guy was giving away his mom’s old compost pile we got seven truckloads, unsuspecting of the hidden pest: bamboo bits. So now every year we carefully, and we believe thoroughly, dig up every little piece, until more appears. It’s a spiritual lesson, really, the tiniest bit of sin needs digging out before it takes over everything…

One response

  1. Oh, I am sorry. That is a LOT of hard work. Once I put mint into my garden…bad idea…also I found another plant I just loved by the side of the road…in the garden it was MORe than an invasive plant. Oh, how I learned to greatly dislike that plant…so much so that now I can't even recall what it was. Oh, I remember it was that little snapdragon looking flower that grows by the roadside, we called it butter and eggs as kids.

    Yup, and another time we ended up with tons of horseradish all over, because of something my mum shared with us *that was really bad too.

    Hope you get it all out. It took me 3 years with the snapdragon look alike, but finally our relationship was OVER!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

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