Can yard saleing be a verb?

My sister, who lives in the sunny south, goes to yard sales year-round. That doesn’t work on Nantucket so the first yard sales of the spring are mob scenes. Think of it: pent up shopping/deal hunting/socializing/just getting outside needs all free to finally be expressed. I never go to a yard sale the first hour because of this. Can’t handle the stress.  Also, yard saleing is a reward for housework finished. But when I do get there–woo-hoo. Nantucket has the quirkiest yard sales. Last Saturday’s score:

hang on, I’m looking for it…
Aa authentic non-electric Belgian Waffle Maker.
I didn’t even know such a thing existed till I saw it. My kids loved Belgian waffles when they were little. I did too but it took too long to make them for eight people. Plus, the electric waffler couldn’t be submerged to wash. This little guy is perfect. I’d post an amazing recipe except I don’t have one. Krusteaze Belgian Waffle mix works for me.

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