The Board

Yes, I have a 4×8 foot chalkboard in my kitchen: it once held chemical formulas in need of balancing but now mostly holds phone messages, chalk art, and lists–lots of lists, when I write them on paper I lose them–This current list was written in 20 Minutes:

By one of my kids who is panicking about getting everything done “before Grandma’s visit”
I told her not to worry, Grandma likes to work but she was horrified–so, for the next month:
Glue Toby’s chairs
Wire frame for chicks
Sort books
Fix bikes and baskets
Clean shed and prep
Remove henhouse light
Granola recipe(I don’t know why this is in here)
Waterproof greenhouse
Clean greenhouse
Plant potatoes 
Rabbit-proof fence
Mesclun lettuce bed
Grape arbor 
Garden paths (I love that–garden paths)
Repair chicken house
Tie up bittersweet
Fix trash bin
Trim porch evergreens
Compost pile
Buy leaf rake
Sand then stain deck
House plants
Shoe glue
Mail wetsuit to Toby
Prune grapes
Prep wildflower garden
Plant lettuce
Improve garden gate
Fence potatoes
Plant deck pots
Hobbit Hole garden
Kitchen window border
Old mom garden (the garden, not mom)
Water seedlings
Sheetmusic(I don’t know why this is here either)
Find D’s marbles
Clean linen closet
Recover LR chair
Wash kitchen floor
Wash+brush cats
Hedgehog house
Prune+rake driveway
Clean out fridge+freezer
Brick patio
Draw garden plan (bit late for that)
Carol’s garden
Mulch roses
Reset flagstones
Prune ficus
New bike helmets
Store winter clothes
Sunroom shelves
Plan basement clean-up (hah)
Paint stairwell (last painted when I was pregnant with the 15 yr old)
Wash windows
Wash and install screens
Water barrels
Support front pear tree
Screen door
Demold bathrooms (is that even a word?)
Seed lawn+rake
Move hammock
Oil+repair tools
Tree wire basket(?)
Find hose+attachments
Kill mice and rats
Weed front walkway
Fix doors
Can’t I just supervise?

3 responses

  1. are you sure you can do all that? before grandma comes?

  2. Nope, there's too much else going on–but watch. I'll strike things thru as they get done…do you write lists?

  3. i wish i had things to write lists on, they are fun, sadly I don't

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