You know you’re from Nantucket if…

A guest blog by Emma Young, production director of the Nantucket High School newspaper, Veritas:

You know you’re from Nantucket if…
1. You are used to traveling in a plane or boat to get anywhere substantial.
2. You still think you’re cool when you make your status on Facebook ‘I’m on a boat”
when you’re going to a sports game.
3. You cheer for the Whalers like they’re more than just a high school team.
4. Going off island is a vacation.
5. Eating Taco Bell or McDonalds is a treat.
6. You see at least six people you know in the grocery store every time you go.
7. You can tell who everyone is by their car.
8. You are still shocked that there is only one car parked on Main St. when you go downtown.
9. You know the names of all the party spots.
10. You look forward to reading the weekly 20-page newspaper even though you already know everything that has happened this week.
11. You know that when someone says ‘let’s go get food’ you’re going to go to Stubby’s.
12. You hate tourists.
13. You’re afraid to ask people for rides home if you live all the way in Tom Nevers.
14. You only drive to ‘Sconset for driving hours and boring winter nights when you have nothing to do but drive to ‘Sconset.
15. You know that The Dancing Pickle isn’t a strip club but you joke that it its anyway.
16. When you say you’re going to the mall, you’re actually bringing your garbage to the dump.
17. You love the summer and complain about it not being summer for the rest of the year.
18. You consider any day without wind a nice day.
19. You refuse to drive down First Way, even if you live there.
20. You spend your weekends baking cookies and posting pictures of them on Facebook.
21. You stay up by the phone every night it snows hoping the school will call.
22. You consider Figawi a legitimate holiday.
23. You don’t think anything of the fact that there is a dead whale hanging in your school.
24. You miss wing night at the AC.

Thanks Emma–and 25. Mainland kids sell burgers at the mall, you haul lobsters:

 Emma’s dad, Harvey Young, has an Nantucket postcard shop here. Do you have anything to add? Click on comments below! (I’ll forward any comments to Emma)


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  1. You are so right #26 you look forward to sunsets and cloud swept skies

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