Morel Marvel

Look what my daughter found!
A morel mushroom. I’ve wandered this island for decades and never seen one. She knows of two places they can be found and won’t reveal either one to me. Of course, she knows I can’t be trusted not to serve them to the family. And some morels are poisonous.
Still, aren’t they cool? Isn’t God’s creation wonderful?What’s with the bumpy surface? So different from other mushrooms. I am allowed to serve puffballs in the fall, as there are no poisonous puffballs. Maybe I could grow my own morels, then I’d know they were safe. Maybe I need to go on a mushroom walk with an expert from the Maria Mitchell Association. That’s one of the things I love about Nantucket: I can almost always find an expert in whatever interests me.


4 responses

  1. found a third!

  2. How cool…one year my sister gave me a mushroom identification guide (a seriously huge colored one) for my birthday, as I am known to *eat* things that grown wild. Mushrooms on the other hand are one things that scare me into running to the store and buying them in cellophane.

    I love Nantucket…what a beautiful place to live!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  3. God's creation is wonderful. What a beautiful mushroom.

  4. We found several Morels in our yard last week and more today. Sauteed the first batch up in butter and ate with scrambled eggs. We will do something special with the two new ones that I just found today. We had noticed some in April, but were not smart enough to harvest them. But like your daughter, I am not telling you more except to say that I have been here for more than 45 years and living where they are growing for almost 30 years. A true treat from Mother Nature.

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