Church buildings

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that, basically, the universe is going from order to chaos. A beautiful, well-constructed building will eventually fall down if not maintained. I’ve previously posted the condition of Summer Street Church’s roof (check it out here). Now for the good news:

Yes! The church roof is getting fixed. And the  bell tower. Not the bell tho’, one of its steel support straps is cracked and we’re afraid to ring it. But how scrumptious to not go down to the church and empty buckets anymore. Now when it the rains come in the night I can wake up, think “the roof is sound”, and go back to sleep.
The work crews, many volunteering from the church itself, have until the end of June to finish. That’s Vacation Bible School week and the place will be swarming with kids.
Kids and scaffolding are never a good combination.

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