Baby food

We ordered a bag of organic food for our 24 baby chicks when we got them. One can’t get everything one needs on an island. Our chicks, ravenous, finished off the 3-week’s worth bag in one week. Now what? Make our own.

Betcha never made chick food in your Vitamix! I took two cups of the layer pellets, which are 16% protein and added two cups cracked corn (from the Stop and Shop) to lower the protein level to 8%. Of course the little darlings pecked out all the corn first. On balance, it should be right. I see online that it’s not too hard to mix your own. Except all the recipes call for meat scraps, which we never have. Now if they’d asked for fish scraps, that’s another story. 
Eowyn here is growing flight and tail feathers:
She looks like a shield maiden of Rohan, doesn’t she?

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