Memory Trails

Come for a walk with me along Lover’s Lane:

This is the road that goes off into the woods at the no-longer-there extraneous stop sign on Old South Road. Believe it ot not, I met my husband on Lover’s Lane. In the basement of someone’s house at the Nantucket Christian Fellowship. He had and still has the warmest brown eyes. Er-hmm, I digress. The road is paralled by a path in the woods bordered on both sides by low bush blueberries.
 The Boy Scouts own a hundred acres in here which are loaded with blueberries in June. One of my kids got lost in here once and the Scouts found him. We baked them some chocolate chip cookies the next day. 
There are always structures being built in the woods. They just appear. Sometimes they have tenants.
I like to lie on the pine needles and look up:
The closest Nantucket comes to a redwood experience.

2 responses

  1. Did you see Underground Tom's old tree house back in there?

  2. That was a very enjoyable stroll. 😉

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