Fishmonger offspring lunch

Whenever one of our older kids comes home for a visit from America, we like to make sushi and nigiri together as a family. Shrimp tempura’s a favorite. The vegetarians among us like caterpillar rolls and asparagus tempura. Sushi night makes for amazing lunches the next day:

The purple top contains soy sauce. I love family traditions. The plant in this planter was my mother-in-law’s mother-in-law’s. How cool is that?
The planter itself I found at the Take-it-or-Leave-it the other day. Score! A Tioli’s find becomes a family heirloom. It just needs a gorgeous little plate to replace my clear glass one. Next time…

One response

  1. that plant is really cool!

    i don't like any kind of seafood…. i've never tried it, but i'm just not to keen on eating fish and seaweed and stuff like that 😀 i like haddock in my mom's haddock chowder. that's the only fist that i'll eat. the sushi looks yummy though!

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