Moonrise and dashed hopes

The moonrise was spectacular tonight, did anyone see it? So orange and huge on the horizon. Last night I got pictures:

moon rising over the compost pile
 And turn around to see the sun setting:

I’m sorry to report the fundraiser for Tim only raised enough to finish out this school year. Even David’s Lobster Clambake only brought in $200. So it’s back to setting and clearing tables in the fall, unless the Lord does something else. And with Jesus you never know. He promises that all things work to the good of those that love Him so we’ll have to be patient to see how this disappointment turns out. It’s much easier for a mom to see her own chances put aside than her kid’s. 


3 responses

  1. You have such beautiful pictures here on your blog!! So envious that you live in MA!! I love it there but my husband is a CA born and bred kinda-guy and would never move there!

    Thanks for the follow! I'm following you now too!

  2. We see disappointment, He sees opportunity. I can't wait to see what God does for Tim next year, I suspect it will surpass our understanding of “awesome” 🙂 Xoxoxox,

  3. I was there! It was pretty! I hope Tim gets enough money for next year, I bet his school is really helpful!

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