Sunset, happy beef and fried lettuce

Sunset over the Aran Islands:

So, how did we end up in Ireland? 25 years of marriage and a sister willing to take care of our 6 kids plus two amazing Irish women who had come to Nantucket a decade earlier looking for summer jobs…They rented from us and got to know the family. They could actually speak Gaelic. Cool. Anyway, when we were thinking of where to go we thought of Ireland–ancestry and beauty mostly. So we contacted the ‘girls’ all grown up and married now. One of their families had a holiday house we could stay in free for a week. What a blessing! And they both insisted on having us stay with them in Dublin. A great trip, we learned all about grass-fed beef:
David got the movie ‘Food,Inc.’ from the library last week so no more Stop and Shop beef for us. It’s ok, we eat mostly fish and eggs anyway. The Irish cows did look happy. 

 Ireland was soul-restoring, so much connected to the land, like God’s original intent. It’s why gardening can be restorative too. The lettuces are coming along:
Although I accidentally fried all the middle ones on a sunny day, hard to judge it when the temperature changes so much. David, practical-minded, went ahead and planted more seeds. Will let you know about  Timmy’s fundraiser tonight. 

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