Vernal Pools and Fairies

This is a Swamp Maple leaning over a vernal pool in Squam Swamp. Do you recognize it? The trunk has all these awesome holes just right for fairies. So, a couple of years ago I put my youngest into public school, fifth grade. What can I say? It seemed like a good idea at the time. But just because she was in public school didn’t mean we couldn’t have fun, right? The day before they were scheduled for a class trip to the Swamp she and I made a couple of dozen fairies with acorn heads and silky flower petal skirts. I dropped her off at school and headed to the Swamp where I hid fairies in tree holes all the way to the bridge. It was scrumptious: what a surprise for them!

Where’s the fairy?

I couldn’t wait till she got home. “So, what happened on your field trip? did you see the fairies?” “No, mom, it was boring. We weren’t allowed to go off the path.” Back to home school. Off the path, seeking fairies, is the best part.


2 responses

  1. LOVED this post! Sounds just like you…YAY!

  2. That first shot is very nice with a great composition. I saw your comment in Greg Boyer's blog and was happy to see it was from a fellow Nantucket resident.


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