TIOLI’s Redemption

TIOLIs is where I, and so many other marvelous folk, shop. It’s the Take It or Leave It at the town dump in Madaket. A lovely mish-mash of people and their cast-offs. I wove the seat of this little stool with neckties saved for me by a friend at the Mall. She goes every day and somehow, amazingly, finds neckties. Aren’t neckties wonderful? The colors and patterns and shiny, silky, um silks. I can’t ever find any but my friend has a knack for it. Doesn’t the weave remind you of the potholders you made in Girl Scouts? Anyway,
the problem with this island, the only one I see at the moment, is the men don’t wear ties. They buy one Marry-and-Bury tie and that’s it. Oh, wait. The Board of Selectmen started wearing ties a couple years back. Score one for mainland tradition. And another, the Hockey Team is required to wear ties to off-island games. I’m going to TIOLIs tomorrow–can’t wait to show you what I score!


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