#1: Let’s begin with a story

Because the God I worship is a storyteller. Do you see the weave in this chair seat? Those are neckties. My dad was a businessman. Every morning he’d put on his tie, take the 7:27 train into Chicago, and work. He ran a marketing firm designing ad campaigns for food companies. Cereal box giveaways. Harlem Globetrotter sneakers. Puppets for HoHo boxes. All day long he’d tell stories–that’s what marketing is. And every night he’d come home to his freckle-faced lady and six kids to disrupt our homework. “Whatcha studying there? Western Expansion? When your mother and I went West in our covered wagon…and the stories would begin. Nothing was sacred. “Don’t jerk on that door! Why when I was a doorknob…”All wildly dramatic. All featuring the same amazing hero: Dad. So, in honor of all those tie-bedecked heroes who poured out their lives for their families, I weave ties into chair seats. Have a seat, please, and tell me a story…


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